What is a Preorder?

A preorder gets you a spot in our limited initial production run. You become an early adopter and help to limit manufacturing inefficiencies. We bill you when you place your initial preorder and ship the items when ready. Unlike traditional crowdfunding, at any point in between, you can cancel for a full refund - no risk to you. Once you receive your product, our regular exchange and return policy kicks in.

Why Preorder instead of Kickstarter?

  • We're doing this! Our initial manufacturing round is fully funded and underway; a kickstarter launch didn't feel right. We also didn't want crowdfunding expectations to unduly influence our product design - unnecessary zippers, pockets, reflective tape etc. We value understated, timeless and thoughtful design using premium materials. The GTO pants are not reinventing pants; they are just BETTER pants.
  • It's better for you (and us). You get all the perks of a traditional online purchase - cancel any time before shipment, no crowdfunding minimum etc. We benefit by having the ability to tailor our production to actual demand rather than overproducing sizes that aren’t wanted. Win-Win!
  • Long term view. We're taking a slower approach to growth. Rather producing to meet the initial spike from a crowdfunding campaign, we would rather sell out our fixed production runs and gradually iterate and improve our products over time.

      How to Preorder?

      It’s easy! Just go to the product page and click PREORDER 

      Cancellation and Refund Policy

      We understand that plans can change. If you need to cancel your preorder at any time before the product ships, email us at hello@douentza.com and we’ll get you taken care of. After it ships, our regular 30 day return and exchange policy kicks in.

      Preorder Shipping and Delivery

      Based on current timelines, we anticipate that products will arrive in our warehouse by the end of February 2024 and shipping to you will begin in March, 2024. While we hope we can get them to you sooner, we want to set conservative expectations. Currently, we are only going to ship within the United States.

      Product Timeline