What exactly are these pants?

To answer what specifically these pants are, it might be helpful to start with what they AREN'T.

These are not sweats. Even though they might be just as comfortable. It's woven twill, not like the knits associated with traditional sweats - different feel.

These are not jeans. Even though they might be even more durable. Yes, some people love jeans and denim. We're not really sure why.

These are not tactical pants. They don't have cargo pockets, are not fireproof (it's still polyester, they will melt) and are not bulletproof.

Ok, so what are they?

Performance Tech Chinos. If you've heard that term before and still don't know what that really means, you're not alone. Most guys don't. So let's try it in story form.

You woke up late and have an early morning flight but all your clothes are in the dryer. Never fear, grab the GTO right off the pile - it's wrinkle free and quick drying.

You're racing to the gate. That mechanical stretch construction and lightweight fabric give you just the edge you need. The gate agent is impressed as you take your phone and ID out of the extra deep and zippered pockets.

You got the middle seat. Your seatmates are hot and sweaty. But not you. The GTO's are breathable and moisture wicking allowing that sweat to evaporate away.

You've got an important client meeting so you go straight to their office. The GTO's have a stylish tapered fit and don't lose their shape so they look freshly pressed as you waltz in.

It's a delicious lunch. You eat way too much. Don't worry, the douentza stretch waistband has got you covered for that extra inch. You're so excited, you spill a drink your pants. And watch it roll right off thanks to the eco-friendly DWR coating.

The client CEO walks in with a new wrinkle. You're taken on a grueling mountain hike just outside the office to vet your mettle. You were not prepared for this. It's raining and you didn't bring hiking apparel. What you didn't realize is that your GTO's were made for this. The premium Japanese performance fabric is better than your best gym gear. You slow down to not go too fast. You finish feeling (and looking) like a million bucks.

Deal closed. You catch an early flight home just in time to catch an intro yoga class. You've never done yoga before. Of course you don't have any yoga clothes. Enter GTO. The diamond crotch gusset gives you the mobility and comfort you need to do the most contorting stretches. Impressive.  

You get home and throw the GTOs in the laundry. Why will you wear them again tomorrow? They're just better than the rest.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be even better. 

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