On Pricing: Why $100?

Transparent pricing

We think you should know how much your pants cost because, well...it's fascinating. Each Douentza pant costs us approximately $50 to make (not including packaging, shipping, marketing and other overhead).When you buy apparel at retail, it's likely been marked up 4-6x or more as every level of the supply chain takes its cut. By buying direct from Douentza, you're only one step removed from the mills and factories producing the materials and making the product with fewer intermediaries in between.

How does it compare to competitors?

As of mid 2024, the Douentza GTO pants are priced below similar brands in the premium men's travel and "workleisure" space. See the chart below for a sampling of chino style pants from key competitors. Apparel brands tend to follow a herd mentality in pricing and most offerings are in the $128 range. At the time of this writing, our sale price is $99 for a pant with comparable or better materials and features.  

So why $100 for pants?

For most men accustomed to viewing their clothes as a commodity, this is the hardest hurdle to overcome. We're reluctant to change even if the status quo and tried and true isn't great. Fabric technology has significantly advanced in the past 5-10 years with incredibly lightweight, comfortable, durable, feature rich options which just weren't readily available before.

While we won't convince all of you, we believe that $100-$150 is the sweet spot - the intersection between optimal product quality, sustainable manufacturing and at a price point that's high enough where you think about it but still accessible. Any lower and corners are cut somewhere along the supply chain whether it's a cheaper material, shallower pocket or lower quality factory. Any higher and in most cases, you're paying more for brand exclusivity rather than a better product. 

So sure, you can get a pretty good pant for cheaper but it won't be great. Well, stop settling for pretty good. Every man needs at least one great pant in their arsenal.

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