The Douentza GTO - What makes it "Great"?

Pant features

There are lots of innovative pant features out there but few truly great pants. The kind that when you pull them on, you instantly know you've struck gold. After evaluating 1,000+ competing brands, our highly scientific (and not subjective at all) men's pant algorithm determined that 50% of all pants are mediocre or below, 30% are pretty good, 17% really good and only 3% are great. What makes a pant great isn't how many features are packed in but how they all combine together in a perfect symphony to give you that "Aha" moment. You could have the best fabric but the fit is slightly off. Or 10 hidden pockets but none useful. Or reflective tape just because. The Douentza GTO has the features you need (with nothing extra) crafted in a magic alchemy to create a truly Great Pant. Here are some reasons why:

Fabric: A premium 100% PTT Mechanical Stretch Polyester, this is a wonder material. It can be softer than cashmere yet durable. It's unique weave allows it to stretch without any added spandex. It's breathable, quick drying and recovers it's shape. Unlike some other tech fabrics, it also has a minimum amount of "swish" - that swishy sound when you walk.

Fit: A poor fit can ruin the best fabric. We went back 11 times to get our fit right. It's trim where it needs to be to accentuate your best assets (yes, men have assets) but not so tight you can't move. It's just a little bit looser than slim to give it that modern, tapered look that still allows you to move.

Pockets: For the front pockets, we went with slant pockets with reinforced stitching to give it that classic Chino's look. However, where other brands might save some pennies on the pockets, we made them extra deep. In addition, both pockets have hidden phone pockets (holds large iphones, one with zipper) to keep your phone upright. There are also 2 zippered rear welt pockets if you need extra secure storage.

Crotch Gusset: Once you go crotch gusset, you don't go back. Gives you that extra mobility when you need and added comfort all day. 

Water and Stain Repellent: We used an ecofriendly DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating for light rain or accidental spills. Really, we like to just splash stuff on our pants to watch it roll off. 

Easy Care: Who has time to read laundry instructions? A Great men's pant MUST be laundry safe. Throw it in the washer and dryer and it will come out fresh and wrinkle free. In fact, we don't want you to iron as our polyester doesn't like the heat.

Preorder the Douentza GTO here. Limited initial production run.

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