On Fabric - it's more than just "cloth"

Fabric - cloth or other material produced by weaving or knitting fibers; the essential structure of anything, especially a society or culture - Oxford English Dictionary

All premium pant manufacturers talk about fabric. And why theirs' is the best. But what does it really mean? So let's talk about SOLOTEX® and how we got here.

The Journey

We went through a LOT of different fabrics as we were prototyping the GTO. We started with a ponte-knit viscose for a soft sweatpant feel. Super comfy but something just didn't feel complete. Chitosante infused recycled polyester - innovative but still missing something. A nylon-spandex blend that was durable but missing breathability. Abrasion resistant. Graphene infused. Organic cotton.

And then we found it. SOLOTEX®. 

Solotex - A wonder material? 

SOLOTEX® is the flagship textile for Teijin Frontier, a storied Japanese textile mill. Teijin's been doing this for over 100 years, constantly innovating and improving. They are proud of what they make and it shows.Douentza-Solotex Molecular StructureSOLOTEX® is the culmination of decades of research and testing. It combines the best characteristics of nylon, polyester and spandex with the softness of cashmere. It's unique spring-like, helical molecular structure makes the fiber soft, light, stretchy and shape-stable.  

Soft and Smooth - You'll know the moment you touch it. It's smooth against the skin and feels softer than luxury cashmere wool. 

Keeps it's Shape - It resists wrinkles and springs back into shape even after moving and repeated washer and dryer use. No more shrinkage. So much better than cotton!

Comfortable Stretch - It expands and contracts in any direction with your body's movement feeling truly comfortable and allowing for free movement. And it does it on it's own without the use of added spandex.

Rebounds - Don't you hate when your pants get stretched out? It's unique helical structure ensures that the fabric returns to it's original shape even after sustained pulling, bending and stretching.

Eco-friendly - We're using a special blend that is comprised of 37% plant derived materials and 59% recycled materials (fabric scraps). It's 100% polyester and not blended with other materials which also makes it easier to recycle at the end of it's life.

So again, why THIS fabric? 

Yes, it's the cloth we're using - a woven twill performance fiber that can look formal yet lives for action. But more than that, SOLOTEX® is the essential structure that elevates these pants from pretty good to truly great.

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